When very porous and permeable formations are encountered, drilling mud can flow into the formation without forming a filter cake, resulting in lost circulation. Using a combination of cellulose fibers in various sizes and shapes, AsFiber® forms a seal near the wellbore that minimizes fluid invasion, enhances wall cake and eliminates filtrate loss.

 AsFiber® can be used with all drilling fluids to create a bridging agent in permeable formations, allowing the materials in AsFiber® to form a permanent seal. Due to the broad range of (PSD)

Particle Size Distribution, AsFiber® can be utilized in either sweep programs or as a system concentration squeeze.

 Available in fine and medium grades, this cellulose-based LCM product has the advantage of being acid soluble. This allows the wellbore seal to be removed during production and completion projects. This product is also non-toxic, which helps reduce the impact of drilling activities on the environment.  AsFiber® can be used by itself or in combination with our other loss circulation materials to minimize the impact of common wellbore integrity problems such as chronic seepage, depleted zones, differential sticking, and formation instability.

 Our circulation experts can evaluate your project needs to help you determine the most effective solution. All of our multi-purpose LCM products are designed to be used independently or together to mitigate a wide variety of drilling, production and completion complications. For instance, AsFiber® can be used with Multisqueeze® to seal off fractures in the formation.



  • Prevents and repairs circulation loss.

  • Safe, environmentally friendly.

  • Available in grades of both medium and fine.

  • Cellulose-based.

  • Acid soluble.

  • Broad (PSD) Particle Size Distribution Range

  • Improves formation integrity while drilling.

  • Ability to be used in multiple applications.

  • Easily removed during production.