Energy Producers, Inc.

 Energy Producers, Inc. is an exploration, exploitation and development company comprised of six(6) industry and financial professions with over 175 years of experience in finding and delivering hydro-carbons to the mark. Energy Producers, Inc. has both domestic and international experience.

 ln the last 10 years, Energy Producers, Inc. has concentrated its work in the following fields: Barnet (North Texas), Bakin (North Dakota), Permian Basin (Texas), Eagleford (South Texas), and Eastern Oklahoma.

  • Geology

  • Petroleum Engineering

  • Drilling Operations

  • Environmental Sciences and Compliance

  • Frac Service Operations

  • Safety

  • Logistics

  • Finance and Accounting

 Energy Producers, Inc. has participated in drilling and completing horizontal wells and straight holes in all of the above fields.

 Energy Producers, Inc. has done all of the following: Title work, lease acquisition, site work, contracting rigs, well planning, drilling and completing, and infrastrucmre (surface equipment, pipelines).

 The management team has worked both onshore and offshore in the continental U.S. We have also worked overseas in various countries in the Middle East, South America and the Far East.

 The management team of Energy Producers, Inc. has worked on offshore rigs that include the following: Barge rigs, Jack-up rigs, Platform rigs.


Energy Producers, Inc. has experience in the following fields: